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Creating A Sea Change In Impact Investing

Sea Change in Impact Investing A sea change in impact investing will occur only when two things happen, says Social Capital Markets' Board President Penelope Douglas.

The first: when the conversation about wealth shifts. Second: when the most powerful voices in the room aren't exclusively those with the money.  But there is evidence of a new order in what people value & consider as wealth. Continue reading.

Solving the Ben & Jerry's problem, One More Time

Ben & Jerry's AmeriCone DreamOne of our jobs as investors is to get people to understand all the value the companies in our portfolio create. While the expansion of B Corporations is laudable, it doesn't hit the core of making a social enterprise scalable.

For Kevin Jones, Social Capital Markets' Cofounder, that means finding a way for the social mission to survive the eventuality of a sale to a large corporation with the responsibility to show that the acquisition will pay off in financial terms. Continue reading.

Spotlight: Brian Trelstad, Acumen Fund's Chief Investment Officer

Acumen Fund Celebrates 10 Years2012 is Acumen Fund’s 10th year of investing in social enterprises, emerging leaders and breakthrough ideas. In a 5-minute interview, Daniel Epstein of the Unreasonable Institute interviews Acumen Fund’s Chief Investment Officer Brian Trelstad.

From converting compelling ideas into investment propositions to telling stories of innovation, Brian discusses Acumen Fund’s challenges, processes, values and goals as it relates to impact investing. See the complete video inteview on CSRwire.

CSR & Socially Responsible Investing: 5 Trends for 2012

2011retrospective_wordcloudEvery year, MHC International's annual CSR & Sustainability Update expert group looks at the prospects for CSR in the coming year in the context of changing trends and themes in the corporate, social, political and economic spheres.

Here are the top five trends identified by the expert panel for 2012.  Continue reading on CSRwire's Talkback.