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Economic Resilience: Recasting the Story of our Financial System

Our global economy now operates in a precarious state of social and ecological fragility, reflected in a rising wealth gap and growing ecological “overshoot” as we use up the earth’s finite resources and stress the ecosystem beyond its power to regenerate itself. One of the subjects of the Capital Institute's latest study Field Guide to a Resilient Economy is Grasslands LLC, a project that harnesses the power of the photosynthetic process to create financial, human, and ecological capital.

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Will Social Impact Bonds Work in the U.S.?

Recommended by Penelope Douglas, Executive President of SOCAP, Hub Bay Area

Social Bonds_McKinsey"At SOCAP last year, attendees will remember a spirited discussion about SIBs at the closing main stage panel. Social Impact Bonds are complex, and require strong intermediaries, among other factors for success. The discussion about SIBs is important because it is pushing the question of how to better align public and private sector players around both capital and desired outcomes- to scale proven solutions for social benefit." Grab Penelope's recommendation.

A Dragon Becomes Canada's Newest Impact Investor

Recommended by Ben Thornley, Director of Insights, Pacific Community Ventures

When a high profile, well-respected investor makes a decision which considers social or environmental impacts in addition to financial returns, it has the power to draw public attention to the space, spark new investor interest, and bring in additional capital sources to the social ventures that are seeking support. Continue reading.

Video: The Return of Capital?

Recommended by Jonathan Jenkins, CEO, Social Investment Business

"The report, “The Return of Capital?” by one of the U.K.'s most progressive foundations, Panahpur, is well worth reading. Return of Capital_SoCap But the 5-minute introductory video is the real reason for my recommendation. It is stunning in its eloquence of summing up exactly why I chose to work in this space. It mirrors my own personal journey and my "calling" for finding a different way of using the capital markets. It’s a video that I have sent to all my skeptical friends and peers just to make them pause and think. Well worth 5 minutes of your life to watch. Inspired me, and bolstered my spirits beyond belief." See the VIDEO.

Welcome to the Happy Cooperative Valley!

Happy Valley is home to one of the greatest concentrations of cooperatives in America. While its real name is the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts,t its denizens like to call it “the Happy Valley.” It runs roughly 40 miles up the Connecticut River from Springfield --where CSRwire is headquartered -- to Greenfield, Massachusetts. But can coops like these rejuvenate the American economy? Continue reading on CSRwire.