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Decoding Impact Investing's Alphabet Soup of Measurement Tools

Impact_Investing_ToolsThere are lots of different ways to measure the impact of an investement beyond traditional financial metrics. But those interested in the process can sometimes be left confused by a flurry of acronyms.

What do most of these systems have in common and how can you use a combination of thesr tools to expand your impact investment? On CSRwire.

$1,000 and a Click: Buying Stock the Crowdfunding Way

Recommended by: Penelope Douglas, Executive Board President, SOCAP

SustainableCapitalismIn 2013, non-accredited investors (those not at the income level to meet accreditation requirements) will be able to participate in crowdfunding to invest in small enterprises, a tremendous opportunity for individuals to invest locally, and to remain close to their investments. But it also carries a lot of risk for small investors. How can our deep, local networks facilitate the opportunity for local investing, while heeding the risks? Grab Penelope's recommendation.

Think True Value—But For Banks

Recommended by: Ben Thornley, Director of InSight at Pacific Community Ventures.

Financial LiteracyWashington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein describes an interesting, pseudo-cooperative model for sharing the resources of smaller community banks with the goal of making them more viable lenders to middle market companies and less dependent on real estate. Could this be analogous to the innovation needed to ready impact investors for prime time (in partnership) on recommended lists of major wealth managers? Check out Ben's recommendation.

Missing Voices: Green Business Leaders & Managers Discuss Representation at Rio+20

Rio+20_logoAlmost 100 sustainable business leaders attended a recent UN meeting in New York. Their mission: to have their voices heard answering a UN call for leadership as it moves toward Rio +20.

On the agenda: best practices, definitions of CSR, and suggestions on how businesses can align with the United Nations Global Compact guidelines Find the recommendations on CSRwire's Talkback.

Geoff Moore on Socially Responsible Investing

Recommended by: Chenoa Farnsworth, Managing Director of Hawaii Angels.

Making the connection between our personal believes and our investment practices...such a simple concept, but so rarely actually implemented. Grab Chenoa's recommendation.